Meet Lindsey


Lindsey is so excited to share her passion for fitness with you all.  She’s a wife, a mother to four small children, and a self-proclaimed fitness nut umm……. I mean enthusiast!

Lindsey holds certifications in personal training, healthy eating and weight loss, nutrition coaching and group exercise.  She understands that with fitness and nutrition the learning process will be ongoing and never ending,  however with that being said she believes that proper nutrition along with a good workout routine/daily exercise and consistency will always be the core principles to any program.  She is also quick to point out that there is no one size fits all, she encourages individuals to keep their own personal goals in mind when committing to a program.

Lindsey has 4 young children and has had to work hard to rebuild her  strength and endurance after each pregnancy, but with consistency, hard work, dedication and patience she wants you to know it can be done.  She’s  not talking fad diets she’s talking about a lifestyle, about putting in the work and getting results.  She enjoys having her children cheer her on while she’s working out,  she says the rules in the studio are simple be positive and move your body, its a place where we work on becoming stronger a place to work on our overall health and wellness.

These days Lindsey’s  all about striving to be the best version of herself in and out of the studio,  she says a strong body allows her to keep up to her children’s busy schedules,  she also says  that for her when her body is strong so is her mind, and she’s  better able to cope with the daily stresses of life.