Power Bootcamp

Each class is 60 minutes long, the workouts are challenging,  fast paced and circuit style, you will build strength and endurance and burn tons of calories, with this full body workout! You will be using free weights, medicine balls, TRX, resistance bands, weighted vests, sand bags, battling ropes, slam balls, kettle bells and Body resistance, you will Unleash your beast, and take your fitness to the next level! Yee haw!!!!

  • This class has limited space

Beginner Bootcamp

Are you wanting to start a program or get back into your fitness routine?  But unsure where to start, why hello, this is the perfect class for you , I will teach you the basics in a motivating up beat atmosphere, help you master your technique before moving on to a more challenging class. In this class you will be using free weights, resistance bands and body resistance.  This full body workout is circuit style and lasts 60 minutes.

  • This class has limited space

Buddy Bootcamp

Do you Have some days and times that would work for you and a friend to attend a bootcamp but can’t find any sessions running, lets create a schedule and a bootcamp workout just for you.

Mom & Baby Fitness

This class is 60 min and will focus on building your strength and endurance post baby!  Must be at least 6 weeks post partum and cleared by your physician! This workout is full body, with extra focus on the core.

  • This class has limited space